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by - 5/20/2017

It has been a while since I write and update posts. I don't know why, I happened to through such hectic days and to be honest you can consider that I'm busy with final exam and yeah there are so much things I wanna do and keep trying to do so at this moment blog is not my priority, maybe? HAHAHA

 To be honest, I badly wanted  to write something in my blog like want to tell and express all things that popped out in my head but surely couldn't find any suitable time and when at the same time my brain keeps remind me, "HELLO GIRL, YOU SHOULD DO SOME REVISION FOR FINAL EXAM!
Nevermind, cuti semester nanti bantai tidur. *pujuk diri sedapkan hati
While doing my revision....
"how much money I hv spent but howww can it flew all the way just like thattt omg today's worldly is so pricey i am innocent"
Tu kira okaylah kan, belum ada drama lagi baik....
"struggle to sleep sufficiently + wheres the food WHERES FOODDD?!"

Actually, theres alot in my mind. 
Even with blogging, theres a lot of efforts I have to pour onto. Apa lagi kalau kerja dekat rumah, assignments things regarding studying. Seriously, belajar memang susah, tapi ia akan jadi seronok kalau kita pandai bahagikan masa and just have fun sambil study. Siapa yang pernah cakap senang? 

Nak achieve something, kena usaha. Effort nak hadap semua subject, suka atau tak kat lecturer or classmates semua kena ketepikan. Sebab apa?
Sebab nak cepat habis belajar! Nak graduate!

 Aku seorang yang cepat nak catch up, tapi bila ada topic yang aku tak datang class, aku akan blur gila. Even dah ada yang tolong terangkan ke apa, tetap macam tu HAHA

 I am too brave taking the risks ke? I don’t think so.
 However, I trust Allah, I believe in myself, I can through this.  He knows we are tired, He knows we are suffering. But know that Allah never put us in a situation we cannot handle. Allah knows while I'm not. 


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